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The European Ethics Bowl

The capacity to recognise and critically debate ethical issues is a crucial skill for European and global leaders. However, current university curricula rarely offer students an opportunity to train and practice this skill. Still, in times of accelerated European and global integration and challenges we are facing, it remains the responsibility of educational institutions to encourage critical thinking of the generation they are educating.

The European Ethics Bowls (EEB) connects students and post-graduates beyond geographical and academic borders. It aims to raise awareness of the relevance and complexity of ethical business issues in a European context and to create an opportunity for participants to expand their perspectives beyond their horizon.

Important Dates

Official kick-off event

Spring 2021
Launch of the case for the national competitions

Institutional competition

Spring - Autumn 2021
Contact your member institution for specific dates


October 20th, 2021
The quarter-finals will take place on Global Ethics Day (3rd Wednesday in October)


November 16th, 2021
Semi-finals will be held during International Fraud Awareness Week


December 9th, 2021
Finals will be held on Global Anti-Corruption Day

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